Join the 2021's Drawyourpride second ediction

What is Drawyourpride?

Drawyourpride is the first digital pride ever!

A pride themed challange thought for the artists that takes place during the pride month.

Who is it for?

All artists!

Illustrators, traditional artists, graphic designers, photographers, 3D artists: anyone who is able to use a pencil, really!

Anyone can contribute with their artwork.

How you can partecipate

Starting from a blank template, which is the same for everyone, every artist can draw their idea of the pride wagon

Click here to download the template

Put the blank template on your drawing software or print it and start drawing.

let your fantasy run wild and feel free to fill the wagon with all the stuff you have in mind: people, animals, aliens, abstract concepts, anything will be ok!

There are no right or wrong things to draw: the only important thing is love!

Once you finish post your wagon on your Instagram profile using the #drawyourpride hashtag and tagging our page.

All the wagons will be reposted on our Ig profile @drawyourpride and in June we will drawn by lot the winners.

Remember to challenge a friend and... good luck!

You still have...


Partner 2021

An Italian publishing house with more than fifteen years of experience in the field and a series (named Ariel) about gender issues.

An Italian Art Directors association that established the Equal prize, which raises awareness among the creative artists and their clients on the importance of having an active role in overcoming gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disease and disability stereotypes.

You did it? Send you wagon!

Fill in the form and send us your wagon to join our digital pride on the #Drawyourpride website 

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