The concept behind #Drawyourpride was developed in 2020 by Sara and Flavia, a couple of creators both in the working life and in real life. 

Due to Covid 19 all major public events were canceled, including the pride. Hence the idea of a digital pridewhich, thanks to the works of artists of all kinds, would allow people to enjoy the parade despite the circumstances. 

Pride parades represent many things: an opportunity for visibility, a protest, a party, a moment of joy for the LGBT+ community. However you want to define it, it is still (and always will be) something necessary.

If today we can take certain rights for granted, it is because someone marched and fought for us in the past.The road to equal rights is still long and for this reason it is important to continue to be there, even with just a word, a gesture, an image.

#beproud #beyourself 

Sara Tiano is an illustrator, art director and graphic designer and has been working for almost ten years in the field of digital communication.

Flavia Forestieri is screenwriter  writer, copy and ghost-writer and has been working in the same field for a little less years. 

Who believed in the project

In our first year the community Pirati Grafici helped and substained us creating a landing page for uploading the wagons and a sppecial gallery for them.